The Grand Opening of Attarine Jakarta

The new casual all-day restaurant, Attarine Jakarta, finally conducted their own Grand Opening on Saturday, November 12th 2016 at their own outlet of Attarine Restaurant, Gunawarman, South Jakarta. The other significant movement belongs to Potato Head Group with a new concept showed the existence that night. All the people (including the list of their people in the database) and media were invited to the Grand Opening.

Jakarta has other new concept of restaurant that everyone could have it in the strategic area within South Jakarta. “People can come to the grand opening, enjoy the music, buffet, and free-flow cocktails and wines we provide only for tonight as we celebrate the event together” Said the Marketing Manager of Attarine Restaurant Jakarta, Ruskam. The party started by 8.00 PM, and the people came to the restaurant with elegance look by their own perspective and style, escorted by the waitress and of course with the warm service they provided on the event to taste the foods at the bar, including cocktails and wine they offered afterwards. The place of the restaurant was designed and decorated as what they choose to show for the concept of the restaurant, casual all-day. The people intentionally came to the Grand Opening for witnessing how much worth the restaurant in further and advance sustainability as they exist as one of the restaurants by Potato Head Group Jakarta develop and move.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetHere’s the picture I captured as the chosen buffet menu provided at the bar. I (exactly) couldn’t remember each and every name of the menu but from my opinion, besides the warm and good services they had given, the foods were specially designed for people who want to have a big and large size for their meal, especially in the afternoon. That is why they choose the theme and concept as a casual all-day restaurant that means on the afternoon you can have the situation where sit along the place with warm ambiance and can exactly have the time to meet people formally and informally, on the other words that the place is flexible. Then on the evening until the night comes along the way for the restaurant, people could specially have the drinks as cocktails or wines and mocktails there, because they provide the beverages at the bar. So then now you get what the restaurant intended to provide for the casual all-day theme and concept, right?

img_1883Now we talk about the people with their very own look and style who came to the grand opening of Attarine Jakarta. The specifically told and showed to public on how casual and flexible the look they wore to attend the invitation (basically the Grand Opening were intended for those invited people who might bring other friends to come as well), according to the middle-up to up segmentation of level people, they chose to give such a monochromatic and easy-ready-to-wear outfit to the event, that maybe because of the invitation looked persuasively easy, so then I chose to wear the casual style on my own, besides that night before 8.00 PM, Jakarta got cold up because of the rain felt down the city, so I wrapped the neck with my special theme of sweater, likewise. As what social gathering existed, there must be several influenced people like blogger, mba Ayla Dimitri with their social friends who were invited to the event as well, you know the Grand Opening of a place identically and usually gathers people who enthusiasts enough with social issues and also fashion, so from my point of view, the people who came were indeed fashionable, men were just wearing shirt (not colorful) with sneakers and so did the girls, of course the ladies specially wrapped their look with very own perspective of high-brand segmentation to the event yet still casual and flexible enough for the look, because as you have to know, this restaurant does not provide inside smoking area, so the people who want to smoke should go outside the restaurant in the provided smoking-area, note to yourself in case you wonder and want to witness it by yourself.

Here’s a glimpse of what the place looks like, as I cited from the release of AnakJajan blog.


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