The Opening of Natisa Jones’s Solo Exhibition

The opening of Natisa Jones’s Solo Exhibition on December 9 2016 at Ruci Art Space finally conducted by her own style, another celebration for showing the artist’s great ideas into a masterpiece. The event was intended to appreciate her insights as Tough Romance, the artist’s perception to embrace her past and future expression through some processes.

The event was crowded by social people who concern much about arts, and of course with their very own sense and perspective of fashion because currently -as we know- art has always been attached with fashion, especially for the people. “Natisa Jones was contemplating for several process through her life in accordance to the creation of these artworks” Said one of the art people at the exhibition. Some people might be gathered some information to dig a lil bit more about her artworks, seeing and talking to Natisa directly and witnessed her masterpieces with the intention of hearing more from her strings about her multifaceted relationship, external influences, and the inner child.

The place was designed for people who wanted to witness the things for arts while they could enjoy coffee and the situation of calmness. As being shown above for the pictures that I depicted on the event, there was the DJ to accompany the invited guests alongside the opening from 7.00 PM until 11.00 PM.

So if you have some concerns regarding to arts and engagement on Indonesia young artists, come and witness by yourself to Ruci Art Space at Jalan Suryo, Senopati, Jakarta Selatan from December 9 2016 until January 22 2017.


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