Batik Fashion Week 2016

erescreen-shot-2017-02-11-at-9-40-44-pm Indonesia, with its heritage of cultures intentionally engage and improve the trend in fashion, that comes up with Batik as the main trademark of this country. Batik Fashion Week 2016, summoned young people who put concerns on Batik and fashion to witness the lifestyle which was covered with Batik, aside from giving views to public according to designer’s best collection on it, this event was specially conducted to enlarge the objective perspective on Batik within Fashion industry to internationally be acknowledged that Batik is the new current trend of fashion. Couture, ready-to-wear, or whatever were preserved by young and talented models/people to conduct this event. Held on Warehouse, Plaza Indonesia, Level 5, Batik Fashion Week 2016 was gathered by enthusiast Indonesian people who wanted to witness by themselves regarding to how to put a good statement on wearing Batik, occasionally or casually attired. From September 30th – October 2nd 2016, several designers contributed with each other to give such an informative and innovative movement for wearable outfit with Batik in a runway by a lot of beautiful models, women and men specially provided on the shows within those three days.

This intriguing event was successfully making people acknowledge that Batik is not only for formal occasion, but also ready-to-wear in any kind of it, casually wear as an outfit for going out with friends, business attire, or formally wore for attending weddings, all of the information was packaged into several shows, sophisticatedly designed by several names of Indonesia prominent designers.

No less than with Men’s Fashion Week 2016 according to the venue that was supported by Plaza Indonesia, the shows for all of the collection were placed in the Warehouse, on level 5 of this mall, and all other aspects for the whole system of this event, were set on the 4th floor, pretty much the same as what I experienced it in MFW 2016. Unfortunately, the event was not perfectly figured, from its Registration area, people could come and go as easy as what they wanted to go, there was actually the specified line, that was specifically divided, yet the people who were got to be the door bitch not smart enough in handling those kind of chaos issues. The lounge, was not properly provided for the people as they would wait for the next shows, no area barriers around the lounge, thus people from the outside who were not intentionally coming to the event, could easily jumped into the lounge. The information about what shows that would come next within the days was not loudly provided by the speakers, as people wouldn’t notice the schedule. However, since that was the first fashion week for Batik they conducted, suppose to say that clear event management came up to its intermediate achievement that (still) needs to be improved on the next year.

The runway area, well-managed just like any other fashion week, but, still, I could not know where did I can see the invited, important, fashion, and media people to have their seats. Followed by its not-timely management of the shows, I was like waiting for more than 30 minutes to get into the runway area. Need to upgrade the time management as well as the whole system of this event, so then it will have the smooth and perfect exposure successfully.


I attended the invitation and witnessed those several designers showed up their collection, wearing this outfit. Actually, I was kind of mistaken to choose the outfit on Batik Fashion Week that was supposed to be wearing Batik. I casually wore long-sleeve t-shirt with the same tune of color for the trouser, covered by the current trend and edgy outer.  I chose to wear the hard-loafers with stand-out statement which I intendedly put them together to get its in tune look.


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