Indonesia Fashion Week 2017

Courtesy of: Press Release

APPMI and Mandiri Art present Indonesia Fashion Week 2017 with the theme of Celebration of Cultures. Again, a fashion week was held and conducted for Indonesia fashion enthusiasts to witness and see the new style of current trend from Indonesia new emerging designers, covered by Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Poppy Dharsono as the President of Indonesia Fashion Week, officially inaugurated the biggest Fashion Week 2017 in Indonesia on February, 1st 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Central Jakarta, Indonesia. This event was provided for public from February 1st – February 5th 2017.

Poppy said, “IFW as the abbreviation of Indonesia Fashion Week is the absolute and valid effort cooperated with APPMI as the Indonesia Fashion Entrepreneur and Designer Association to develop and promote Indonesia’s wealth of cultures that attempts to be our power for national economics statement.”

“Celebration of Culture” theme that was brought up to public with the settled and packaged programs that represented Indonesia wealth in culture, especially fashion industry. All the related aspects for the event decoration and whole places, exhibitions area, competitions, and of course the runway for showing the provided designers’ collection of IFW were all genuine from and for Indonesia.

From what I witnessed for several days to this event, I could see that IFW was supporting Indonesia’s leading company in fashion to promote and sell their products with explicit branding as people could See-Now-Buy-Now from the show in the cubicle-runway area to the other side as exhibition area, right be placed on the specified side next to the area of runway. This event was intentionally provided for public (not only for the invited people) as they could buy the fee entrance for IDR 25.000,-. Unfortunately, this was totally different with any other fashion weeks (from my point of view) which IFW had two concerns on their own; first, supporting all the new Indonesia designers to show and promote their collection, while the second was helping the exhibitors– and other reserved- for local brand and company –to promote and sell their clothing products, yet indeed, the concept of what they sold was still be covered with the theme of IFW. Just like what I mentioned it earlier, the crowds were not as usual as what fashion week would be, all the segmentations from level A to Average came to witness the collection of the designers and see the booths on the exhibitions area, that inexclusively got me into the awareness of IFW’s true concerns, definitely different with other fashion weeks.

The event management and its event flow system was unfortunately fell apart as what it supposed to be. From its show announcement that I could barely hear from wherever it was, the registration area and the line and seats for distinguished people as VVIP and VIP, and also the media were unsuccessfully settled up on the event, I could experience the way I sat on the Plenary Hall with bunch of people whom I thought they were not the VVIP/VIP invited people, it was like gathering all the people who could buy the tickets on the registration outside, indeed back to what I said about this IFW’s concerns.

Talking about the last crucial part of the event, was the Food & Beverages area. It was placed downstair and no speakers as people could not even notice the announcement of the designer shows. There were more than 8 booths for Food and 1 for Beverages, kept up the flow of buying the food & beverages through the point as reserved and paid token as people, first should come to the cashier and exchange it to card that already consists of their paid-amount of money to shop.

Delightfully honored to see all the new perspectives of collection from Indonesia new designers such as RA Hijab and Jeans (Raffi Ahmad), and a glimpse of collection from Yosep Sinudarsono as you can (lil) see on the second picture above.  The runway as it turned out to be the type of cubicle runway, was big enough to hold a great deals of designers, with showing 20 shows, that was why, all the designers showed up with pairing each other collections, up until the last day of the event was specially given for Mandiri Art privileged customers and other invited public for Barli Asmara, Mel Ahyar, Ghea Panggabean, and other Indonesia best designers to witness the show of their collection. The collection might sound a lil bit different with the theme of IFW, as what I witnessed the shows of A2T and JD in the second day of the event. Couldn’t put much attention to their collection to be honest (lol).


One of the collection from Ardistia New York that I saw it on the cubicle runway at the last section for the show within the first fay of Indonesia Fashion Week 2017.

Can’t wait to see Indonesia Fashion Week 2018 with an improvement of its event management and the whole new and upgraded system, and of course, the designers that have to be good. See you soon! Indonesia Fashion Week 2017


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