The Soft-Opening of LEÓN Jakarta

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It’s a new call for Jakarta’s lifestyle enthusiasts to embrace the proper, elegant, and classic yet modernized concept of restaurant, LEÓN. A versatile kind of place from which everyone can have themselves indulged by its classic flips to modern and glamour ambiance, good food and beverages that fit to all people who can enjoy it while chilling out to the best chosen-musics; live acoustic then semi-club performances from its selected of special and prominent entertainers. Officially inaugurated on the night of Wednesday, 8th 2017 at LEÓN strategic location alongside of Wijaya 1 Street, No. 25, close to Soto Kudus Blok M. As usual as the soft-opening restaurant in town, LEÓN privately opened the event that merely had invited most people who concern much on lifestyle with the segmented level on their own, such as; bloggers, media fellowship people from lifestyle magazines, high-level adults that was specified to witness the valid statement of giving the new experience to other best bistro. LEÓN is one of the restaurants that belongs to Parc 19 Restaurant group, so didn’t have other options as a perspective and opinion that the place was similarly designed as it is.

The Place with The Ambiance, Food and Beverages, also Services;

As being mentioned first, the place was specially designed for those enthusiasts people that have always dealt with glamorous, a brown-leather couch, yellow dim light that was set to the its minimize point of light, the bar with tons of liquors and wines as a compliment, huge place to gather a lot of people there with the perfect set of area for live music and DJ as the entertainers. Either in a day light or night, people would still feel the calmness and tranquil situations, caused by the jazz and piano-bar kind of musics that would get along to the tone that persuasively ask people to dance and embrace the feeling of being distinguished. I didn’t have the chance to try the food yet, but the beverages. Almost every restaurant in Jakarta has always offered people with the same kind of liquors and wines, differentiated by the categorized menu made by all of the bartenders and of course, the mixologists. LEÓN, with its American style, provided some drinks as cocktails and mocktails that was formed by their own choice of good quality beverage, briliantly with the idea of mixing it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t feel like being served by their good services, especially when talking to the Marketing Manager who had placed himself as a KING of the place, I was just asking for the Press Release or any kind of words that describe the restaurant as they just opened it that night, he showed up an act as inappropriate way of greeting new people, come on, you are the Marketing people that should be warm and humble to everyone, so did the waitress. They didn’t give the true sense of what hospitality must share, the smile and warmth. I didn’t see and get them, hence I would give 3 out of 10 for their hospitality style. I am sorry.

One thing I experienced that there had been no restaurant who given the red carpet and backdrop situation in every soft / grand opening. There was a couple of photographers who intentionally provided to get all the pictures for singular or plural people captured, and excitedly printed so then people would always be reminded to this restaurant and indeed the moment, for every time they see it. Herewith I attached you the photo that I got from;

The “Red Carpet” Situation.

The Invited People with The Entertainments;

Lifestyle people who concern in getting a good place to chill and experience the modern and fun vibes would definitely notice this new place. There were a lot of people with good crowds in term of Jakarta’s high-level matter, where the place was gathered by bloggers, socialites, fashionista, high brand and lifestyle media people, and of course, entrepreneurs. They seemed happy to validate the absolute theme of other same glamour places as it was served by Parc 19 group, from what I experienced it by my own self, even the live acoustic (which I didn’t know the band name for sure), followed by Dipha Barus as the guest-star DJ, happened to give their quality of amusement for the people that night.

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Thus, special place for any kind of occasion would be good here, depends on what style are you. I am going to try this restaurant in noon. I’ll surely see you on the next review! Ciao x

For more information about LEÓN Restaurant Jakarta.


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