The Spring/Summer 2017 Gucci Eyewear Collections Launching.


Optik Seis, as the most acknowledged Fashion Eyewear brand, conducted their launching of Spring/Summer 2017 Collection at The Westin Hotel, Jakarta on February 9, 2017. The collections that reveal several prominent brands such as; Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen privately provide the view of what new collections of eyewear for this season might be look, especially for people who put so much concerns to this matter of fashion.

Nowadays people not only takes concerns on how to look good in such a fashion way for outfit they choose, but also cover their style with good accessories, bags, and of course eyewear as one of the essential ornament to color up your style. The event was not merely showing all the invited people to come for the party, yet explicitly being provided by the trends in which they could get the inspiration of style they would choose from seeing a lot of professional models from JIM Model Indonesia showing up the collections of Gucci, walking through the front side of the boundary, being watched by all of the people.

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The private party was successfully conducted, as what I can see from the production that includes the decoration stuffs, its event management— started from the registration, database matters, gifts to be given for the privileged people, fashion show, the entertainers, and indeed the food & beverages —the invited people, medias, and other social people with fashion enthusiast. The decoration was perfectly designed to it should be provided, there was a white cubes as the installation of those launched eyewear for the collections, exactly two sides of the installations, begun from the first side of walk when going through the entrance, I saw four pictures that depicted the collection figure in model. With a side of the corner for beverages, people would notice clearly for those provided free-flow system beverages that was specially provided for the guests, there were wines in red and white, and of course champagne to fit the style of this party concept.

If we are talking about the segmented people who attended the party, of course we wouldn’t have any thoughts of going further from its segmentation, fashion people who put concerns much on how to be good with the accessories, not only for fashion. The came with their own style, followed by the theme of (some of) Spring/Summer, and a few with monochromatic theme. A lot of people concerned the event as it was a formal one, until they got the balls to cover up the look with blazer or even suit for their outfit (Men), and for all the women (except the media people who reported the event), they dressed up with the touch of informal gown or long dress with monochromatic sense.

The event was opened by Sari Nila as the Master of Ceremony of the event, followed by all the models who provided the show of Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 collections. Afterwards, the program was specially showed the after-party DJ music to accompany all of the guests.


Looking forward to attending another Optik Seis season launching! x


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