I am.

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Riyan, a proud Libra, self-proclaimed extrovert and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder guy who was born on October 11th with his full name as Riyan Singgih Nasution, completed his degree of Computer Science in February 2014 with several experiences related to social organizations such as AIESEC International organization, Indonesian Future Leaders, and Indonesia Mengajar. Got accomplished his degree with such an impressive socialization background and achievements from which he had a chance for representing his campus to Indonesia Model United Nations and even World Model United Nations in Singapore.

Riyan started his career as a Consultant at IBM Indonesia within the IT industry and field. Due to some of his concerns in social issues, he turned his way to be followed by passion to go through the career life into an advance one, Public Relations, until he got a chance to proof  the universe and himself that he was capable in designing up the profession as a PR at Union Group Jakarta.

From that on, he has definitely continued his journey as a Public Relations, right up until present, with the designation as a Marketing Communications Executive at Harper’s BAZAAR Indonesia Magazine. He has been dealing with Public Relations industry for more than 4 years, from its basic and fundamental one, until the intermediate level that is currently being held up by himself.

Riyan deals with several contributed PR factors such as Marketing with its Strategies and Plans,  Press Release, Branding Management, Event Management that exclusively becomes the direct Implementor and Coordinator, Reputation Management and Crisis, Public Speaking, and also Social Media Engagement as a Content Creator and Copywriter. From his ability to balance all the aspects, he tries to deal with further settlement in disclosed recognition as a Professional Public Relations that comes up to be involved with Journalism.

Thus, as being mentioned earlier above, Riyan attempts to create a new perspective and color into his kaleidoscopic life as a Writer for his own blog called Thoughts x Strings. The blog in which you will have some persuasive and useful strings that relate to Events Review, Fashion and Art Statement, random thoughts with varied subjects to share and talk about Socialization, as an additional contents. The absolute main part of the content, consists of the most intrigued and interesting Zodiac matters as a story, titled as Kenali Zodiakmu. The Zodiac content does not merely tell you things as a prophecy, but it tells you a lot of the information for you and other people about its Characteristics and Traits.

Seriously, the more you wonder, the more you forget and less interested. Then start reading it! 


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